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Music has been part of our tradition for centuries, it has been something that unites people, it is a guiding light in dark times, and entertainment in times of glory and success. Music is tightly linked to our culture identity. And it has been passed down for generations. Without our musicians, one day we would lose this national jewel. Well, maybe you are not a fan of  classical music? But what about movies, a sitcom, an advertising jingle, radio, computer games? Without the musical accompaniment, the experience would be half of what it is now.




Radek Baborák

Horn Fest Praha

MenART, Academy of artistic mentoring

The collection is organized under the auspices of the Prague city councilor for culture Hana Třeštíková.

Daniel Barenboim

Jakub Hrůša

Tomáš Netopil

Tomáš Brauner

Emmanuel Villaume

Semjon Byčkov

Jan Kučera


David Mareček, General director of the Czech Philharmonic

Daniel Sobotka, director of the Prague Symphony Orchestra FOK,

Jakub Čížek, director of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra,

Roman Bělor, director of the International music festival Prague Spring 

Jan Pikna, director of National festival Smetana's Litomyšl

Jan Simon, director of International music festival Dvořákova Praha 

Ludvík Bohman, director of Intergram 

Jiří Kejval, enterpreneur and chairman of the Czech Olympic Committee

Oldřich Smola, director of the Artist Life Foundation

Miroslav Kalousek, politician and member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic

Miroslava Němcová, member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic

Tomáš Petříček, Minister of Foreign Affairs

„Other major supporters who are aware of the gravity of the situation are constantly joining in every day“

Epoque Quartet  |  Václav Hudeček  |  Jakub Junek  |  Josef Špaček  |  Martina Bačová  |  Milan Al-Ashhab  |  Karel Untermüller  |  Kristýna Fialová  |  Petr Nouzovský  |  Tomáš Jamník  |  Eva Jamníková  |  Hana Baboráková  |  Jan Pěruška  |  Matouš Pěruška  David Pěruška, Jan Pěruška Jr., Jan Matouš, jun.   |  Jiří Stivín Jr.  |  Indi Stivín  |  Kateřina Englichová  |  Kristýna Farag  |  Jana Semerádová  |  Ludmila Peterková

Financialy you can donate here:

> By sharing on social media

> By passing the information about our fundraising on. 

> By organising and streaming your performances. 

Who is in need of your help? 

Musicians who do not have a permanent job and therefore depend on income from one-off events and foreign tours. 

People who, due to the measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, are facing serious financial problems as a result of the cancellation of their planned concerts and other artistic activities without any kind of compensation. Artists who have a professional career after getting the proper education in Music who therefore need a chance to get some help. The criteria will prioritise single parents, family breadwinners and active musicians who do not have full-time employment  or at least part-time employment. 

A major part of these people's income is represented by the profit made from public concerts and shows. Depending on the amount of funds collected, it will be possible for them to apply for two levels of support at the same time. Funds will be distributed from this transparent account:  2001790613/2010.


Radek Baborák

The horn player and conductor Radek Baborák is one of the most outstanding figures on the classical music scene. Since the beginning of his solo career over twenty-five years ago, his extraordinary musical performances have enthralled audiences in the most important cultural venues around the world. He has collaborated with many distinguished conductors, including Daniel Barenboim, Seiji Ozawa, Simon Rattle, Neeme Järvi, James Levine, Vladimir Askhenazy, James de Priest and Marek Janowski.Between 2003-2010, Baborák held the post of principal horn at the PKF - Prague Philharmonia, the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra and between 2003-2010 also atthe Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

He also appeared as a soloist with the world-famous orchestras.

An essential part of Radek Baborák’s musical life is chamber music. He founded and has been the leader of several ensembles: the Baborák Ensemble, consisting of french horn and string quartet; the Czech Horn Chorus, which continues the 300 year-old tradition of horn playing in the Czech Lands; and the string ensemble Prague Chamber Soloists, founding of this ensemble in 1960 is linked with Václav Neumann. He is also a founder of the Horn Fest Prague festival.

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Horn Fest Praha

Horn Fest was founded on the initiative of Czech horn player Radek Baborák, who wanted to contribute to preserving the tradition of Czech horn playing that dates over 300 years. The linking element of the festival is of course the French horn. At the Horn Fest, visitors can listen to a program that varies in both genre and period/era pieces.  

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One of the two main activities of the Magdalena Kožená Fund is MenART Academy. This is a unique one-year scholarship program of artistic education mentoring.  Superior art school pupils and their teachers can apply for this program.

The scholarship academy is offering a unique opportunity to those who want to enrich and broaden their knowledge and artistic skills by working with proffesionals, whilst using modern and new approaches.

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